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September Chant

Enjoy this FREE September Chant sample, included below.  You can connect with me through my author page at: Trina Licavoli Gunzel
Share it with your students, today! I’ve created and used chants for years to teach reading. They are fun, engaging, and the repetition makes young readers excited about learning! Record them singing so they can practice reading the chant over and over again to build fluency. Check back for new materials and downloadables, coming soon! Write down a comment and let me know how you used it. Thank you!

September Chant:
(X = clap) September

Sep-tem-ber XXX Sep-tem-ber XXX

Reading, writing, and math to do,

Keep studying – we’re proud of you!

How many days? 30

How many nights? 30

It’s warm in the month of September. Why?

Fall starts in the month of September. Oh!

Fall starts in the month of September.

Snorkeling Experience

Learning By Snorkeling in The Great Outdoor Classroom! By Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Snorkeling in salt water is so amazing because the water is so clear and alive with colorful sea life. However, for those not able to travel to tropical locations often, fresh water snorkeling or diving can be a great alternative.

There are many lakes offering clear water options where you and your family can collect mussel shells, fresh water clams, beautiful stones, and observe a variety of fish, crawfish, plants and trees. Many times, you can find sunken cars, boats, statues, lost jewelry, and tackle.

Snorkeling and diving are great exercise since you can swim and find areas to hike to, as well. Instructionally, the locations can be researched, rocks, plants and animals identified, and service projects are always waiting, since trash needs to be picked up, whenever you go. Leave everywhere you visit better than you found it and enjoy learning and exploring in the great outdoor classroom!

These types of experiences build rich language to draw on for writing and reading. It is also a living Geography and Science lesson. Our top three summer snorkeling trips for learning and enjoyment included Lake Michigan, Table Rock Lake, and Beaver Lake. Enjoy!

*Bonus: For a Type 1 Family Tip, we have found that our Type 1 Diabetic son can have low blood sugar readings as much as 12-24 hours after swimming. We always make sure to check him in the middle of the night to catch low blood sugar levels and intervene with milk or juice. Be safe while creating wonderful memories together.

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