You Are More Than Just a Number


While we love to get those awesome blood sugars in the 80-120 range, you are more than just a number.  You are my child, my son, my scout, my little farmer, my little friend.

So many times since you were diagnosed, I’ve had to remind myself to just talk to you.  We communicate a lot!  Are you high?  Are you low?  Did you dose?  Check your blood sugar.  Did you input that?  What’s your number?  But, that’s not the same as…I love you, how are you, what do you like, let’s play…


Can any other parent relate to this?  As we work to help our kids be healthy and have good blood sugars, let us rember to have deeper communication to help them develop all of their skills as wonderful human beings, too.

From my Type 1 MOM heart to yours,
Trina Licavoli Gunzel, Author


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