Homemade, with love…


That moment when you open a homemade card sent from your childhood best friend you haven’t seen in years. 🙂

As we celebrate all that we are thankful for this season, I am trying to teach my children about the deeper meaning of these holidays…Love.   Behind all of the turkey and trimmings…behind the Christmas trees and lights…Love should be the focus.  That is after all, why our Heavenly Father sent his son, Jesus, to save world.  HE LOVES US.

I hope that love is present in all the acts of kindness you do this holiday season.  Simple gestures like making and
sending a homemade card, baking something special, praying for someone, helping a friend with a project, listening to someone, doing acts of service, and spending time with loved ones.

People, gifts, and events shouldn’t be burdens on our “to do list.”  If we aren’t doing things because we want to, we may need to revisit our list of priorities.  Sometimes we have to take events and people off our list so we can make time for those who really need us.  This is easier said than done, but prioritizing is a freeing thing to do!

I pray you enjoy this time of year.  I am truly aware and grateful of all the blessings in my life and paying some love forward.  🙂  Thank you, Lord, for your selfless gift of love.

Be encouraged!

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