Choosing Happiness…No Matter What You’re Going Through. :)


Hello Friends,
I wanted to send out a note of encouragement today for anyone trying to overcome challenges.  I know the holidays are a wonderful time of year, but for many, it’s a reminder of people they have loved and lost and how real their struggle is.  If you are struggling emotionally, financially, or physically, this post is for you.  I am sending a prayer up and out for you today that your spirit with be lifted, your heart will be comforted, and that you will have positive strength and guidance in your decisions.

My husband and I have been grateful for many holidays and celebrations spent with family over the years.  We have also spent many “just the two of us” and while lonely at first, looking back, those are some very sweet memories, too. 

Maybe you are a couple living away from family for a job change, maybe your spouse has died and you find yourself alone this Christmas, maybe you have lost a child and your heart aches for them; however this season of your life has changed, I pray you will take comfort in treasured memories that will always be with you and enjoy creating new ones with those by your side. 

Maybe you’ll have a friend over, maybe you’ll find a new place to have a meal, or find a cute local shop or place to visit; EMBRACE the changes.  While it may be different than what you’re used to, it doesn’t have to be bad.  Be open to allowing yourself to be happy again.  God doesn’t want you to be sad and struggling, but you have to do the hard work to be happy.  Satan wants to steal your joy and loves to see you beat down.  If you stay there, he wins.

I have learned that I can be as miserable or as happy as I choose to be.  When I get inside my head looking back at how I thought things were supposed to be or what I thought my plans were going to look like, I miss the awesomeness of what my reality is! 

I live in a beautiful place, I have as many friends here as I choose to make, I know any new area I have lived in when I choose to explore it and make it feel like home, I have found resources and fellowship in new jobs I have been hired at, and through community, school, and church events.

It DOES take hard work to be happy, especially after moving, losing a loved one, divorce, or financial, and physical struggles.  But, I have found that I can be so much stronger than I thought I ever was, much braver than I ever thought I could be, and when I work to overcome my fears, God blesses my family with peace. 

I want to encourage you to press on and press through when it’s hardest because that IS when your faith truly grows.  It’s easy to have faith when things are easy, but you see what kind of person you really are when you’re faces with challenges.  Some cave and quit and are mean, others blossom and grow and reap the blessings, but it IS a conscious choice to do the work in either direction.

Every move, every financial struggle, every miscarriage, every job change, then my son getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, molded me into the person I am today.  I have personally grown and matured so much in the way I handle things and hope I can pay some learning forward to help others see that love, doing the hard work, really having faith, knowing no matter what – things are going to work out for God’s BEST plan for your life, and embracing change, would have made all the difference in my life. 

Whatever you are going through, my prayer is you will find a way to have peace and happiness while going through your personal life’s story.  Enjoy the ride!  Make a CHOICE to be happy, today whatever your circumstances!

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