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This year…what if we did things differently?


There is a tendency for people to get down on themselves thinking about all they wanted to achieve and didn’t in a year.  How many goals did you start off strong with that fizzled out by March?  This year…what if we did things differently?

What if instead of hurting ourselves or beating ourselves up over things we DIDN’T get done, we took time to celebrate all that we actually DID accomplish?  How would we feeling going into another year with our batteries recharged and a grateful heart for all the little things that really were the big things.  You know what I mean:

You’re vertical!  That’s a BIG deal!

You have the ability to work, to breathe, to see, to hear, to touch, to feel, or just any ONE of those things.

You have someone in your life who loves you.  Yes, there is even just ONE person who loves you.

You have the ability to think and do something about your future!

When I look back and actually see what I did achieve in any given year, I have to stop being so hard on myself.  I tend to set standards that are impossible for most so who am I to judge myself when I don’t meet all of them.  That’s just silly!  🙂

This year…let’s celebrate all that we messed up, all that we got right, and look forward to another opportunity to do even better!

Happy New Year Dear Friends and Family!

I am celebrating YOU!  I am celebrating ME!  I am celebrating all that we ARE and all that we can BE!

Insert bells, whistles, and holiday gongs.

Ring it in friends, ring it in!


Trina  🙂

Join me in starting the year off fresh!


The Impossible Is Possible This New Year!

It is time to take a moment to reflect on another year of our lives gone by.  This can be a great thing!  It gives us the time to see how much we have actually achieved and what we would still like to do with our lives!

For some, that might mean we need to slow down and make sure we MAKE those memories we’ve been putting off.  For others, that might mean it’s time to kick things into high gear or we’ll never check off the most important things on our list!

I encourage you to take some time to make this year especially meaningful to YOU!  When you work to be the best version of yourself, your love is able to radiate to others because you are positive and whole.  I have really had a year of inner healing and feel the best I have ever felt in my life!  It came with lots of tears, my husband’s stubbornness and will to help me heal from my own depression issues and anxiety, and my desire to be whole and truly happy with inner peace.

I am a giver, I love helping others, and I feel best when I am helping people reach their goals.  It was hard for me to take time for myself and to realize that if I didn’t, I wasn’t going to be able to be there for those I truly love who really need me.  Wherever your path takes you in life, I pray you embrace the journey that is…your life!  Here’s a little checklist to consider as you start this New Year…

This Year:

Believe that anything is possible

Start each day with an attitude of gratitude

Set goals worth achieving

Eat something you grow yourself

Enjoy more whole foods

Drink more water

Buy good books and make time to read them

Do something absolutely and completely great for YOURSELF that helps YOU

Be the person you want to be for others

Find an exercise you LOVE that LOVES YOU

Be there for those that really need you

Let go of the hurtful people in your life by forgiving them and moving on

Be the best version of YOU for YOU – Take that Self Help Course you’ve been putting off

Share your love and light with the world


With love,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

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Love notes in lunch boxes…

I have to smile when my children come in from playing and ask me if I will pack them some lunches so they can go outside and have a picnic in their fort.  This is the kind of life I’ve always imagined for my kids.  As I packed their lunches, I remembered how I use to pack my son’s lunchbox for school and always include the carbohydrate amounts and a sweet little love note for him to encourage him in his day.  Since we switched to homeschooling for medical reasons, I have not had as many opportunities to do that anymore.

As I packed the lunches for my children, I labeled everything and decided to include a little love note, too.  These sweet little acts of kindness toward those closest to our hearts are the little special times and things they will look back on and remember most.  In the hustle and bustle of the season, make sure you keep the focus on what really matters.  A sweet word, a love letter, taking meaningful time to spend together, a shared story, going out to a movie, an evening walk…whatever is your favorite way to spend time together…do that!

When was the last time you sent a little love note to lunch with your husband, friend, or your child?  It’s never too late to start a new tradtion or spread a little extra love.  You never know how you will make someone’s day brighter, if you just take an extra moment to be thoughtful.

Best wishes for a beautiful week,

Author, Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Can't The Highs and Lows of Raising a Type 1 Diabetic Child
Can’t The Highs and Lows of Raising a Type 1 Diabetic Child

A Season Of Light And Love…




I am up early working so I can make the most of this special time while my parents are in town visiting.  There is nothing like the time we all had together growing up, so these visits are extra meaningful to all of us.  I think when you are young; you never realize how quickly that time will pass.  Yet, when you have your own family, you long to recreate those favorite memories and cherish any extra time you have together.

Some of us have already lost our parents and those of us who still have ours with us may not get to see them as often as we’d like.  This time of year, I am especially reminded that wherever we are in this world, we are connected through light and love.

In my family, we celebrate Christmas and Chanukah.  There are special stories, foods, and light and love sent from our Heavenly Father as a central connecting theme.  When I taught full time in public schools, I would always teach a theme that encompassed all the subjects this time of year called Winter Celebrations Around the World.  My students learned about different cultures, global locations, and it was through cultural awareness and knowledge of traditional customs and their symbolism they learned tolerance and appreciation for other people and cultures.

I pray this holiday season, whatever you celebrate, wherever you are in the world this winter, you will feel appreciated, respected, and connected to your family and friends as you enjoy continuing your customs and traditions.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and teach my children the stories, recipes, and history of my husband’s family and mine.

I hope that in a culture that is so hectic and busy, people will slow down and take some time to remember the BEST of who they are.  When we embrace our personal heritage and traditions and take time to teach love to our children, they have strong roots from which to grow and a sense of who they are as a family.  Links to family are important and I pray that people will be respected, at peace, and through education and respect, our world will find resolution to conflicts and appreciation for cultural differences. Humanity has always shared good and evil traits and I pray good will prevail and be the light needed for change through efforts of LOVE as the focus.

Best wishes during this holiday season,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel




Winter Scavenger Hunt – Making Memories

Hello Friends!

It seems this time of year, I am especialy reminded of how quickly my children are growing. There are so many things I still want to teach them and I enjoy the magical moments of this whole Christmas season.

As you are celebrating with your family this time of year, remember that the little things are the big things:  A special story shared, an old or new tradition you do together, a favorite song, someone you think about, an act of service for a stranger or a friend…

As my children grow, I am trying to add memories to our list of shared experiences to treasure together and hope this Winter Scavenger Hunt will add to your family memory making.  Enjoy this special season of your life!

With love,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Can you find:

___      A silver bell

___      Some twinkling lights

___      A partridge in a pear tree

___      A wreath

___      Hot chocolate

___      Cookies

___      Blue lights on a tree

___      Carolers

___      A church lit up at night

___      A train

___      A gingerbread house

___      A Christmas story

___      A movie with a reindeer in it

___      A snowman

___      A Nativity Scene

___      An angel

___      A stringed musical instrument

___      A red ribbon

___      A kind act of service

___      A stranger’s smile

___      A child’s laugh


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