Winter Scavenger Hunt – Making Memories

Hello Friends!

It seems this time of year, I am especialy reminded of how quickly my children are growing. There are so many things I still want to teach them and I enjoy the magical moments of this whole Christmas season.

As you are celebrating with your family this time of year, remember that the little things are the big things:  A special story shared, an old or new tradition you do together, a favorite song, someone you think about, an act of service for a stranger or a friend…

As my children grow, I am trying to add memories to our list of shared experiences to treasure together and hope this Winter Scavenger Hunt will add to your family memory making.  Enjoy this special season of your life!

With love,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Can you find:

___      A silver bell

___      Some twinkling lights

___      A partridge in a pear tree

___      A wreath

___      Hot chocolate

___      Cookies

___      Blue lights on a tree

___      Carolers

___      A church lit up at night

___      A train

___      A gingerbread house

___      A Christmas story

___      A movie with a reindeer in it

___      A snowman

___      A Nativity Scene

___      An angel

___      A stringed musical instrument

___      A red ribbon

___      A kind act of service

___      A stranger’s smile

___      A child’s laugh


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