A Season Of Light And Love…




I am up early working so I can make the most of this special time while my parents are in town visiting.  There is nothing like the time we all had together growing up, so these visits are extra meaningful to all of us.  I think when you are young; you never realize how quickly that time will pass.  Yet, when you have your own family, you long to recreate those favorite memories and cherish any extra time you have together.

Some of us have already lost our parents and those of us who still have ours with us may not get to see them as often as we’d like.  This time of year, I am especially reminded that wherever we are in this world, we are connected through light and love.

In my family, we celebrate Christmas and Chanukah.  There are special stories, foods, and light and love sent from our Heavenly Father as a central connecting theme.  When I taught full time in public schools, I would always teach a theme that encompassed all the subjects this time of year called Winter Celebrations Around the World.  My students learned about different cultures, global locations, and it was through cultural awareness and knowledge of traditional customs and their symbolism they learned tolerance and appreciation for other people and cultures.

I pray this holiday season, whatever you celebrate, wherever you are in the world this winter, you will feel appreciated, respected, and connected to your family and friends as you enjoy continuing your customs and traditions.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and teach my children the stories, recipes, and history of my husband’s family and mine.

I hope that in a culture that is so hectic and busy, people will slow down and take some time to remember the BEST of who they are.  When we embrace our personal heritage and traditions and take time to teach love to our children, they have strong roots from which to grow and a sense of who they are as a family.  Links to family are important and I pray that people will be respected, at peace, and through education and respect, our world will find resolution to conflicts and appreciation for cultural differences. Humanity has always shared good and evil traits and I pray good will prevail and be the light needed for change through efforts of LOVE as the focus.

Best wishes during this holiday season,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel




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