This year…what if we did things differently?


There is a tendency for people to get down on themselves thinking about all they wanted to achieve and didn’t in a year.  How many goals did you start off strong with that fizzled out by March?  This year…what if we did things differently?

What if instead of hurting ourselves or beating ourselves up over things we DIDN’T get done, we took time to celebrate all that we actually DID accomplish?  How would we feeling going into another year with our batteries recharged and a grateful heart for all the little things that really were the big things.  You know what I mean:

You’re vertical!  That’s a BIG deal!

You have the ability to work, to breathe, to see, to hear, to touch, to feel, or just any ONE of those things.

You have someone in your life who loves you.  Yes, there is even just ONE person who loves you.

You have the ability to think and do something about your future!

When I look back and actually see what I did achieve in any given year, I have to stop being so hard on myself.  I tend to set standards that are impossible for most so who am I to judge myself when I don’t meet all of them.  That’s just silly!  🙂

This year…let’s celebrate all that we messed up, all that we got right, and look forward to another opportunity to do even better!

Happy New Year Dear Friends and Family!

I am celebrating YOU!  I am celebrating ME!  I am celebrating all that we ARE and all that we can BE!

Insert bells, whistles, and holiday gongs.

Ring it in friends, ring it in!


Trina  🙂

Join me in starting the year off fresh!


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