Type 1 Travel Tips


Busy on our Can’t Dia.beat.us book tour coast to coast thinking of you.  I am reminded of the concerns and needs we share.  Here are some things that work for us:

Bring our Sentry device in the trailer so we can still monitor blood sugars at night. (Take whatever your system is and back up supplies )

Try to have stable blood sugars and protein before bed to keep from having spikes that keep you up at night.  (Easier said than done when trying new foods)

Keep healthy snacks in the car:  water, almonds, cheese sticks, cut up veggies, apples, etc.

Have low snacks with you:  gummy snacks, juice, fruit roll ups, etc.

Try to get exercise at rest stops, national parks, hiking trails, etc. and watch for low blood sugar results, especially in cold weather.

Traveling is always an extra challenge but the memories are priceless!

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

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