Be a ray of light

Hi friends.  As I have been traveling with my family on this coast to coast tour, I am focusing on my personal desire for doing this.  I know we all have struggles and challenges to overcome in life.  We can either let them build us up or break us.  Everything we go through can be a positive source of energy and light or dilute our spirits.

As we come across others sharing our journey, we can learn something from everyone.  We may not always see eye to eye, but we can respect our differences and enjoy the time we share together, if for nothing but the opportunity to see another person’s story and have empathy for their experiences.

I challenge you to let go of people who have hurt you, shine in your circumstances, let your light radiate the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and be a living example of love, wherever you are.  When we stop allowing things to hurt us and embrace our journey, that’s where true healing begins.  It’s not selfish to focus on your own needs.  When you are whole, your light will naturally shine and reach others.

As I am stepping back from distractions, spending intentional time with my husband and kids, and exploring new ways to reach out and help others, I see that every experience, move, career, challenge, and success has been a part of God growing me and I am grateful.  It hasn’t always been fun, but I am happy to see and laugh at things that were once overwhelming that are now routine.  Off to do a site change!  We’ve got this!  Can’t!  #thrive

What light are you sharing today?

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

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