Spreading Light From Coast To Coast


Hi friends!

No matter where you are, I hope you feel connected today.  There are so many beautiful places and people in this world.  Go explore!

Everywhere we have been spreading our message of light and hope through books, we meet people who generously share their hearts and stories with us and I am so grateful.

It’s amazing who you meet if you are just willing to talk to people.  For example, while at a scenic view point in Virginia, we met a man with the exact insulin pump our son Wyatt wears.  He was inspired by our journey, story, and wanted to stay connected with us.

We’ve met families who bought our book:  Can’t Dia.beat.us The Highs And Lows of Raising a Type 1 Diabetic Child for their friends because they knew they were struggling.  Writing has been a great way to share our story and connect with others.  It’s also something I feel compelled to do.  For many writers, it’s not a choice, but stories simply must come out.

Whatever story is on your heart, I hope you find the courage to share it.  You might be the main character in your life’s journey living your epic adventure.  You might feel trapped in a tragedy or passionately living a love story.  Be persistent and active in your life and wherever your journey takes you, I wish you courage, health, and the wisdom gained from your adventures and experiences.  As long as you’re making progress, you haven’t wasted any time.  Progress is learning, progress is growing, and sometimes progress is just breathing and listening.  Sending love and light from coast to coast.

Be inspired!

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

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