The Power Of Play

When was the last time you spent time just playing?

I am the parent of two energetic kids so I know how busy it is getting all of the “have to do” things done every day.  I also know I can complicate things and be so busy designing activities and attending events that I have to remind myself of the easiest and most important thing: spending time just PLAYING with my kids.

Win, win!  For the kids, they learn important social skills, expressive language, creative expression, confidence, and feel valued as we listen to and participate in their custom created worlds as they verbally write and reenact their stories.

Outside sand areas become castles and battlefields.  Sheets and chairs become forts and pots and pans with spoons become bands.  It doesn’t always have to be complicated and it’s ok if we don’t understand all the rules they make up.

Embrace the power of play!  If you don’t think it’s important, just ask your kids what their favorite thing to do with you is.  There’s your win!   It’s spending time with you!  (If it’s not, you might want to see how it can be.) I’d love to hear what their responses are and would just bet somehow a favorite memory involved “play.”

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