Pump site issues and highs

This week we had a pump site issue with our son that resulted in high blood sugars for about four days.

It’s a tricky balance between trying not to waste insulin and supplies, deciding if your child is getting sick or not, and thinking about carbohydrate calculating errors.

When all else fails, switch out the site.  Sometimes, especially after years of injections, scar tissue forms and the insulin is not as effective in those areas.

Other times, tiny bruises or pimples can create areas of infection, which also makes the insulin not get into the body as well.

It can be tricky to find fresh skin to inject the needles, but it it so important to rotate sites.  We try to rotate between our son’s tummy, legs, and hips for his pump sites.  We rotate between his arms for his cgm, since this has resulted in the best combination for accuracy of the devices for us, and the best blood sugar for our son.

We are constantly reminded that maintaining good blood sugar is an hourly and minute by minute management.  Every day is a balancing act and while Type 1 Diabetics look healthy, it is a determined constant effort that results in a healthy outside AND inside. 

After switching out sites, our son is back to feeling great and ranging in the 100’s.  High blood sugars make him feel awful, hyperactive, he is puffy, and mimics being sick, but check equipment for issues before assuming illness.  It’s tricky when high bold sugar indicates illness but could also be the reason your child isn’t feeling well.  I tell you what, Type 1 keeps you on your toes!

Keep up the great work and be encouraged!  You are not alone!

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Trina Gunzel
Author, Illustrator, Educator, Type1 Mom


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