The responsibility of teaching little hands


Dear friends,
How are you ending your week?  Are you frazzled?  Do you feel fulfilled or frustrated?

I know for me, sometimes I look at my degrees and feel like I thought at least a Master’s would have finally given me everything I needed to be an awesome parent every day right?  Then why do these sweet little hands of my daughter’s still hit her brother if she didn’t get her way?  Why do I have to ask my children to still pick up their rooms and remind them to be loving and kind?  I mean come on, all of my training and education is about families and children so mine should be perfect, right?  WRONG!

I am humbled to admit that I thought if I just tried my best and loved everyone that my family would never argue and I would get that fairy tale life we are always shown in movies.  WRONG! 

I was missing the point!  This dreamy family in my head is not the reality that IS perfectly IMPERFECT.

Communicating issues, working together to overcome struggles, listening to each other, joining each other in times of sadness, and lifting each other up IS the point.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to guide our decisions and DO the work to grow, then we see the real rewards.

My kids are not just naturally behaved unless I teach them to be.  I also have to model managing myself so they can see that good example.  That doesn’t mean I’m perfect!  That means I AM teaching them how to solve real issues, problems, and think for themselves.

Intentional moments that are real and messy and often create custom families built on love, respect, values and, faith. 

There is no magic pill or surgery that will give you what you want in life.  Complaining doesn’t get it done, either.  If you want help figuring something out, think of a new way, get more specific training, and get mentors that are real with you and share actual and applicable life experiences. 

The coolest thing is we are NOT alone!  Nobody has a perfect life.  Everyone does have a perfectly imperfect life and through sharing how we overcome struggles and challenges and thinking better, we can get exactly where we want to be in our health, relationships, work, and personal walk.

I am so excited finally to be learning things that put the whole picture together for me and being able to see the effects in my own family.  Guiding little hands is a huge responsibility and I take parenting very seriously.  I know to be the best parent for my kids and wife for my husband, I have to be the best version of myself, FOR ME!

Start there and you’ll be amazed at the transformation reflected in your life.  It’s really about the journey and learning anyway right?  The sooner we stop fighting that and start enjoying learning the lessons from our struggles, the sooner we get to enjoy the whole picture that is, after all, our life.

With love,

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