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Spring Outdoor Activities and Fun!

Hello Friends!
Spring is such a beautiful time of year and there is so much outdoor fun to be had!  Here’s a list of some great activities you can enjoy and also check out the FREE downloadable Spring Scavenger Hunt I added you can complete with your kiddos, available NOW in the shop section of my website.  Happy Spring!

Spring Outdoor Activity Checklist:

Go for a hike

Walk with a friend

Do a Spring Scavenger Hunt. (See Free Downloadable in the shop section)

See if you can find every color of the rainbow in flowers growing

Prep and plant a garden

Volunteer for a clean up service project

Take a boat ride

Go fishing

Find shapes and figures in the clouds

That’s all for today!  Leave me a comment of something fun you are doing outside to experience this amazing spring weather!

Best wishes,



Date Night Out


Hello and Happy Spring!

What are you doing to freshen up your relationship?  With busy obligations to work, community, family, and friends, sometimes our relationship or marriage can take a back seat and needs to be freshened up.  Here are 10 tips to recharge your couple time.

1.  Learn something new to spice up your love life.
2.  Try an outdoor adventure sport together.
3.  Go outside and passionately kiss under the stars like you did when you first met.
4.  Make a recipe you know he or she will love.
5.  Get the kids to bed early and make time for each other.
6.  Put away the distractions and have an uninterrupted and intentional conversation.
7.  Look at old pictures of you both and remember how much fun you have together!
8.  Watch a hilarious comedy show or movie and lighten up.
9.  Thoughtfully decide to work on something you are doing that is hurting your relationship and do something to improve it.
10.  Question your words and actions before doing them to make sure you are being genuine, thoughtful, and kind.

Enjoy your life!

Talk to you soon,
Trina Gunzel

Evening Tea Chat


Hello friends!

I just wanted to share a short and sweet evening tea chat with you.  This time of year some herbal tea with local honey is just what I need to keep my allergies away.  How are you feeling?

As we get busy with work, caring for our children, our relationships, and our homes, I wanted to encourage you to take time to care for yourself.  Remember that God wants you to be healthy and whole.  Make sure you are taking time for yourself so you can be there for others.  Here are a few healthy mom tips from my heart to yours:

Remember to eat throughout the day. 
Remember your water intake, too.
Sit down and enjoy reading those stories; the laundry will wait.
Hug your babies, they grow so quickly.
Thank God for all of your blessings, every day.
Smell the flowers and see the sunset.
Take a nap.
Walk, dance, play.
Smile and laugh, you are beautiful!
Enjoy your husband and make time for him daily; your children are a combination of your precious love.

Sweet dreams,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Live, laugh, love and love some more!