Evening Tea Chat


Hello friends!

I just wanted to share a short and sweet evening tea chat with you.  This time of year some herbal tea with local honey is just what I need to keep my allergies away.  How are you feeling?

As we get busy with work, caring for our children, our relationships, and our homes, I wanted to encourage you to take time to care for yourself.  Remember that God wants you to be healthy and whole.  Make sure you are taking time for yourself so you can be there for others.  Here are a few healthy mom tips from my heart to yours:

Remember to eat throughout the day. 
Remember your water intake, too.
Sit down and enjoy reading those stories; the laundry will wait.
Hug your babies, they grow so quickly.
Thank God for all of your blessings, every day.
Smell the flowers and see the sunset.
Take a nap.
Walk, dance, play.
Smile and laugh, you are beautiful!
Enjoy your husband and make time for him daily; your children are a combination of your precious love.

Sweet dreams,

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

Live, laugh, love and love some more!

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