Super Green Soup

This rainy afternoon in Missouri and a busy week has me thinking of a healthy but fast dinner that can serve as snacks this weekend, too. How about you?

Tonight I wanted to take some time to prepare a quick meal idea that will be healthy too and hopefully keep you from eating fast food out. I have friends who say they can’t get their kids to eat healthy and I would say, keep trying and presenting them with healthy options and they will catch up. Also, include them in the cooking process so they take ownership of what they are making and eating. It is really hard to avoid sampling something you’ve worked hard to prepare for your family.

I tried to put myself in the mindset tonight of someone who was busy during the week and looking at what they had in the freezer to see what they could magically make appear for dinner before they gave up and ordered in pizza.

If you can make a habit of picking up some green frozen vegetables, you’ll be able to make this recipe anytime you want.

Okay, so you’re tired, you’re hungry, your blood sugar is tanking…this is what I want you to do.

If you eat meat, grab that leftover chicken you picked up from Wal-mart this week and take off any remaining meat from it. (Or use any other protein you want, tofu, canned chicken, leftover steak, whatever you have.) I used that leftover Wal-mart chicken in my fridge.

Cut up an onion and add some olive oil to a pan. Add your protein (mine was the chicken). Sautee the onion until it’s golden brown. Stir this mixture around until it is lightly brown.


Add the chicken carcass to water and boil it.

In another pot, add water and get it to boil.

Add to that pot 1 bag each of:
Frozen lima beans
Frozen spinach
Frozen broccoi
Frozen chopped green peppers
2 tablespoons of minced garlic


Add the juice/water/stock from the chicken carcass that has been boiling to that green vegetable pot for flavor.

Add these spices:
(Just sprinkle each across to cover the top of the soup)
Garlic salt

Add the sauteed chicken and onion to the one combined soup pot.

Stir, let simmer to combine flavors for ten minutes.

Mmmmm, now your kitchen smells yummy and you can have a dinner that will give you stable blood sugar and help you feel great afterward.

Check the serving size but based on this recipe, it’s about 22 carbs per bowl of soup.


Enjoy creating healthy solutions that make you feel good and work for your busy lifestyle!

Need a bedtime story idea? Reading: A Bad Case Of Stripes by David Shannon will get your kids excited about those lima beans!

You can do it! It just takes making you and your health a priority. Be well!



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