50 State Tour

50 State Tour

What better way to be inspired to create new material, write new books, and to teach my children everywhere we go, than by doing a 50 State Tour?!

That’s right!  

We sold our place, most everything we owned and packed up our truck, fifth wheel and two kids for the adventure of a lifetime!

Our work as lifestyle and business coaches and doing educational consulting can literally be done anywhere in the world!  So, we are enjoying this opportunity to explore our country, help people, and make new friends, everywhere we go!

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We are learning so much, seeing beautiful places, and look forward to connecting with you more!

Come grow with us!

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Gunzel Family 50 State Tour

Do you have any special places you’d like to see?

Are you interested in starting your own business?

Do you like to see interesting parts of the world and learn new things?

If any of these sound like you, you will really enjoy our blog.

We have been selling and sharing books all along the way and people are loving our message that “YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!”

So many can’t believe we are doing this with our Type 1 Diabetic son.  It is an inspiring and amazing journey!

We hike, share places to eat, share recipes, and interesting things we learn along the way.

See you there!


Trina Gunzel & Family

Trina, Jon, Wyatt and Abbie Gunzel

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