Fall project ideas

I can’t believe it’s already fall! I’m actually not reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally ready to give up my flip flops and pool time but, cute boots and apple cobbler get me in the mood for changing seasons.

I have a six year old and eleven year old so I always try to make the most of intentional moments with them. If you are reading this as a stay at home mommy, a working mom, a single mom, or a teacher, I hope this info and sharing resources will help you make the most of your precious time with your kiddos. Dad’s can use this too, but I’m speaking from my experience as a hundred hat wearing, teaching super mom so…take that as you will and use my info and resources to help you if they can.

Do you ever just feel so crazy busy you feel like you’re missing out on time with your kids even though they are right there? I have been homeschooling my kids and I feel like that a lot! I have to really manage my time so that I can make the most of this precious window with them. I am sure every parent can relate to the sentiment “they’re growing way too fast!” I know this window of time is small, so sometimes, I will put away my “chore” list and go outside and throw a frisbee with my daughter, just because she asked me to. Or, read that favorite book “one more time” for the hundredth time. I will stop everything and have that Barbie tea party and rock out with an impromptu dance party. You know what I mean.

So, all of you busy super moms, I think you’re SUPER every day because you work hard, you try hard, and when you are in tears and feel like you can’t do anything right, I get that too. For me, being a parent has been the absolute hardest AND most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! In an effort to add some tips and tricks to your bag for this season of your life, let’s welcome fall with some fun ideas, easy on the pocketbook that will add some intentional moments to your time with your kiddos. Pick and choose from this list as your time and energy allows:

Top 10 FALL Activities to do with kids:
1. Go outside, close your eyes, and listen to all of the sounds of fall. Share and count how many you heard.
2. Collect a variety of leaves and enjoy doing some leaf rubbings. All you need is some paper and some crayons. Place the leaves under the paper and rub the crayons over the top. We like to peel some crayons and rub them on the sides to make our favorite leaf collage pictures. These also make great fall placemats featuring your family work/play/art time.
3. Place some fall items in the center of your table. Have everyone sit around the items. Draw or paint your vision of fall, inspired by the items.
4. Go on a walk or hike together. Talk about what you see. Point out the differences in the leaves, trees, air, etc. Write poems about the experience when you get home. For younger students, write or type what they say to capture a language sample. Older children and adults can write their experiences in a journal. I write my daughter’s words in her notebook after one of her fall leaf rubbing pictures.
5. Use natural items found to count, add and subtract. Acorns, rocks, leaves and twigs work great for this!
6. Visit a farm near you for a fall harvest experience. Apple picking and pumpkin patch trips are just a few places that are great and many have year round seasonal events.
7. Check out a local farmer’s market and create a meal together using things you bought fresh.
8. Write an out of the blue letter to someone telling them how grateful you are to them. Using your child’s thumbprints, stamp and create little thumb people and write: Thumbody loves you…
9. Make some homemade applesauce, cider, cobbler or apple stamp prints.
10. Make little paper books out of things you find in the fall. Glue in the real thing and write the words to help your child learn to read. Example: Fall is leaves. Fall is pumpkin seeds. Fall is apple seeds.

Please add your favorite ideas in the comments and write down which of these will help you make the most of your intentional time with your kids. Remember you don’t have to do them all, but sometimes having a little checklist can give us Super Moms that pat on the back we need and help us see all that we are really doing.

Thanks for all you do for kids!
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