NEW BOOK! Can’t – Autograph Copy

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Here’s your chance to get your own copy of the best Type 1 Diabetes book, Can’t personally signed by the author and delivered straight to your door.


Product Description

This book shares the real life experiences of Trina Licavoli Gunzel, and her family, as a result of their son being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. A heart breaking, humorous, encouraging, inspirational, and courageous story that serves as an educational resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the personal side of Type 1 Diabetes and work on overcoming challenges. This mother’s detailed life events have built her strength, endurance, tested and grown her faith, and shown that no matter what life throws her way, she can overcome it with great effort and great love. The author hopes that by paying her family’s learning and love forward, others will understand, see how to overcome struggles, and not feel alone in whatever they are going through. Sharing their story magnifies the fact that there has been a much bigger purpose for their pain. Trina has taught, inspired and encouraged thousands throughout her career. She is a highly recommended Master Teacher, experienced educator, and has a passion for helping others. This book will immediately change your life as you are inspired to overcome any challenges or struggles you are facing. You were made to thrive!


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