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Virtual Author Visit With Trina Gunzel and the book: Grandmas Are Gorgeous!


A Virtual Author’s Day Visit with Trina Licavoli Gunzel sharing her book:  Grandmas Are Gorgeous!  An interactive format is used and the video reading and questions are about thirteen minutes.  Extension activities are included which could make this take up to thirty minutes or an hour, depending on how teachers want to extend the lesson.  You will find the Grandmas Are Gorgeous video in the link under the first course lesson.  The pdf downloadable activities and video will be accessible in your shopping cart after you purchase.  Thank you.

Product Description

This is an interactive virtual Author Visit with Author/Illustrator Trina Licavoli Gunzel sharing her book: Grandmas Are Gorgeous!  Trina talks about the story, reads the story – while leaving time for students to answer questions, and has students do things like tap their heart and think about specific experiences to be engaged in the story.  Specific counting, art, and writing activities are included.  Trina has worked as a teacher for over 16 years and her classroom management and interaction is obvious in this video author visit. This is a very affordable option that makes an Author’s Day Visit accessible to all classrooms.  A great experience and opportunity for primary and elementary age students to have an author “visit” their classroom that meets your schedule needs.



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