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Fall Themed Educational Activities

I love using themes to teach and this time of year, pumpkins are a great resource for teaching how to weigh, measure, estimate, count, identify distinguishing characteristics, and create art designing a Jack-o-lantern. I have taught students from birth through adults using “the real thing” as a source of language development. For many years, I…

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall is such a wonderful time to be learning outside. Enjoy this fun fall scavenger hunt idea: Write a list of items you want to search for outside, on a small paper bag. Read the list over with your child. Go outside and check off the items as you find them. Sort and label the…

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Indoor/Outdoor Fun

This time of year can be so exciting because the leaves are starting to change colors (unless you live in the desert like I used to). I like to start thinking early about ways to help stay healthy throughout the holidays. One way I like to do that is to create some Indoor/Outdoor Fun activities.…

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