Welcome to the great outdoor classroom!

Treasure Perfect Moments
Treasure Perfect Moments

Enjoy seasonal learning experiences

Hands on, visual, and intentional moments with children give them rich language skills and memories to draw from. Explore with them, read to them, and enjoy this precious window of time!

Here is a sample of a learning activity you can do with your child.  See how you can adapt it for any season.  Enjoy!

___Take a walk, sharing things you hear, see, smell, and feel.

___Sit outside together, close your eyes, and focus on things you hear for two minutes.  Take turns sharing what each of you listened to during that time.

___Make a check list of ideas you would like to do together on a special day off.  Enjoy checking off as many as you can!

___Check out five books from the library about the season you are in.  Enjoy reading a variety together throughout the month:  Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, how to books…

___Take pictures of all things you can find that are a certain color.  Print them out and collage them to make a book of colors and your shared experience.

___Make a special holiday recipe together and add it to your personalized family cookbook.  Make copies for each of your children.

___Add your own special ideas to this list and enjoy making precious memories together!


Thanks for all you do for kids!